DONEER Support Terre des Hommes in their fight against child prostitution

Around the world, every year, more than 1.7 million children are victims of sexual exploitation. Different factors contribute to this: poverty, political situation, cultural aspects, war and tourism. Over all there is an increase in sex tourism, which results in a steep rise in the demand for underaged prostitutes. Because of the worldwide financial crisis, even more children from poor homes run the risk of being sexually exploited for commercial goals.

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IBAN: NL93ABNA0515912883
Name: Stichting Terre des Hommes Nederland
Place: Den Haag, The Netherlands

Millions of children across the world are treated like merchandise. Like an object that somebody claims for himself or herself for sexual acts. A tool that is used to do heavy physical work. Or an investment that yields money as a prostitute, drugs dealer or beggar. Children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes is devoted to put a stop to child exploitation in developing countries. Terre des Hommes supports 277 projects in fifteen countries in four continents that are devised, planned and executed by local project partners. As a result of this, the projects are well attuned to the problems of the local population. We give children a fair chance to a future with projects in the field of education, health and socio economic development.